Advanced coaching and guided surfaris

IMG_2225Advanced coaching

If you are already a good surfer, but just can’t get that snap turn sharp enough?  You stuck in that cutback or just want to improve your style? You probably need an advanced surf course with surfSOULution surf school. Within 30 minutes drive from our surf camp in Corralejo there are close to 60 surf spots distributed from the East coast through the North shore all the way to the West coast of Fuerteventura. This means we will always find a suitable wave for you with appropriate conditions to learn that move. We will individualize your training program directly to your personal surfing goals and abilities, to systematically improve your technique through specific exercises and our video coaching program.

Guided surfaris

If you are happy with your surfing skills, but you don’t want to surf alone,  join any of our groups on the way to the surf spots. Our experienced instructors will inform you about the specifics of the spot (how to paddle out, currents, hazards, etc), so you can surf safely and more relaxed than finding it all out by yourself.

Surf is pumping right now. What are you waiting for?