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Advanced Surf Coaching, somwhere in Indonesia

2019. április 17 – 27

Advanced Surf Coaching means  surf teaching on a very high standard in maximum of 3 people groups for Advanced surfers who can catch a wave on their own. If you can catch a wave alone, riding on the green and you do some turns but you loose speed between sections, you dig rail in your cutback or you have the feeling that you are not improoving on your turns, than this is your way of learning. Individual excercises with frequent videoanalysis will help systematicly improve your surfing technick to achieve your goals.

In this program the maximum number of surfers is 3 at one time. There is no fix location, but we will do it in Indonesia somewhere on an island that suits all 3 participants. Once we have the group filled we will discuss your needs, your surfing goals and we will choose a location together.



This program cost 100 Euro / person / day, and the minimum number of days to book is 7 days.
This covers only the surf teaching, but not includes equipment. 

What is not included

• Surfboards
• Travel costs and transports to surfspots
• occasionly extra surfguides (not only for guiding but for protecting)
• Accomodation
• food or drinks



More info:

Miki Rigler


Telefon: +36707086911

because during the day I am not reachable on phone please send mail!