beginners and intermediates

Beginner kicsiOur highly qualified and experienced surf instructors at surfSOULution surf school can contribute to your surfing improvement on any level from complete beginner to advanced.


The fastest and safest way to catch your first wave is a surf course with surSOULution surf camp on Fuerteventura. We have warm water and sunshine all year round, which will make you feel comfortable in this new environment. Our goal is to provide you the maximum surfing success in a fun and safe environment.

Your objective will be to ride a wave standing on a surfboard, but beside you will learn plenty about the ocean, weather and wave conditions and water safety as well. We offer this to complete beginners with no ocean experience at all, or for people who tried surfing already, but due to insufficient instructions could not success in standing up and want to learn the proper technic.


The fastest way to improve your surfing is learning at surSOULution surf school. You will catch unbroken waves and learn to trim along the clean face of a green wave. Our instructors will provide you with personalized training plans that will take you through all the difficulties an improver has to face in the water such us : paddling past broken waves, catching and riding unbroken waves with control.

Our island of Fuerteventura offers warm weather, warm water, consistent waves and excellent conditions for all surfing levels, – What are you waiting for? Come and book your surf holiday with surfSOULution!