General surf class setup

general surfclass setup kicsi

At surfSOULution Surf School Fuerteventura you will receive instruction from a team of highly qualified, motivated & multi-lingual surf instructors.


Our mission here at surfSOULution is to provide you the fastest progression in your surfing, while having fun in a safe environment. We offer our lessons like no one else in Fuerteventura:


  • We are teaching in small groups with a 6 students/instructor ratio
  • We take videos or sequences of your surfing every day
  • We analyze the videos of your surfing every day, so you can see exactly what do you do right or wrong
  • You will never feel left alone in the water, our instructors are always there for YOU during the lessons
  • You receive immediate feedback right after your ride, so you know what movement you need to work on before you paddle for the next wave
  • We spend longer time on the beach than any other surf schools do in Fuerteventura
  • We have developed special teaching methods, such as  pool-surf simulator and dryland exercises, which are proved to play an enormous part in the learning process
  • We take beautiful and quality photos of your surfing on Saturdays and you can have all the photos in high resolution

An average day

SurfSOULution is a small, but high quality surf school that due to its size has the luxury of choosing the best time and the best conditions of the day for the surf lessons.

We don’t set the lessons for fixed schedule. One instructor works only with one group a day, and we hold the lesson when the conditions are the best matching with your surf level. This might involve lazy mornings, as we have the lessons in the afternoon or also watching the sunset from the lineup. Other days we do early morning sessions enjoying the sunrise from the water and taking all the advantaged of the lack of people on the lineup.

We spend net 4 hours on the beach. The entire group will benefit from universal lesson topics such as assessing surf conditions and proper warm up before, and stretching after the lessons.

In addition, we review all videos during the evening theory classes where we analyze your moves. We also use the nights for theory classes on weather patterns, wave creation and local knowledge. This also provides a fun & unique experience for students to get to know each other. With this setup we can meet the needs of all different levels, from beginner to advanced surfers.