our SOULution for your improvement

img4There are several obstacles that make surfing one of the most difficult sports to learn.

The biggest obstacle to progress in surfing is the limited time a surfer actually spends on the board upright and riding. The time a surfer spends in the water consists of 90 % paddling and waiting for waves and 10 % pure ride-time. Frankly saying, this is a very short time to practice  and to be able to execute what you have learnt in those seconds is even more difficult.

Surfing involves plenty of complex techniques and requires the body to move in strenuous ways. For these movements balancing on a board in moving water might be completely unfamiliar to a body that is accustomed to functioning on dry land.  It is obvious for beginners, to develop bad habits and adopt incorrect body movements.  Over time, incorrect techniques often develop into serious stumbling blocks preventing any further improvement.  As a result, surfers with incorrect technique usually miss out on the best part of surfing: control, speed and long rides.

As a SOULution to these challenges, surfSOULution has developed a unique teaching program.  We have divided proper surfing technique into individual, easy-to-learn steps.  We’ll teach you each step one by one, and then work with you to pull it all together.

We will teach you pure body movements on dry land or on our simulators. This way it’s a lot easier to execute the tasks without the motion of the wave. This way you can repeat the movement as many times as needed to build it in into your muscle memory. Then we paddle out with you to the waves where you can test all what you have learned.

Our two most progressive teaching resources are real-time assessment and self-visualization of executed techniques. We are always there with you in the water and will give you immediate feedback after each ride, so you will know what you will need to tune on before you catch the next wave. With our waterproof camcorders we record your rides which gives us the ability to give you detailed analysis through playback.

The outstanding surf knowledge and  accumulated teaching experience the surfSOULution team possess is another key to your learning success. All of our instructors hold advanced surf instructors certifications (up to Level 2 of the International Surf Association -ISA)