There are hundreds of surf videos hitting the web every month. An average surfer from the consumer class – on who the surf industry relies on – doesn’t even have enough time to accept so many moving images. Here at the SurfSOULution office we have a folder saved on our computer’s browser named surf videos to watch, where we save the links of the new videos to watch them in an appropriate time. But still some just never get watched.  So the video makers are on a big competition to make their work to be the choosen one, but it is hard to get so many perfect surfing shots. So they fill their videos with nice cut pictures, some timelaps, some effects and filter layers, and the storyline is ususally based on the protagonist’s fake attitude, which supposed to be cool, but it is more just humdrum, still entertaining enough to make us believe that this is what we want to see.
But when we come across with a video that Surfing Magazin just put together, than we realize that all surf videos should be like this. Although short, but no ads, no heroes, no acting, just pure surfing and 100 % action. 

Source: Blogspot.com