Advanced Surf Coaching Fuerteventura


Make a big step in your surfing in a privat-like coaching environment,
in 3 people groups where the program is tailored to you!




Surfing involves several complex bodymovements that would be already difficult to implement on dry land. In addition the water is constantly changing around you and making it almost impossible to get to the same situation again where you were just before when almost finnished that new turn that you have been practicing but something is still missing and you fall. And wenn the situation is anexpectedly there again and the new possibility rises to complete your new move finally, but you do the same mistake again that you don’t know what is because everything happend so fast.
You would ask your surfinstructor what are you doing wrong, but he did not see you because he was busy giving adivse to someone else in the group.
Than you got super frustrated because the chances to get to the same situation again in a way that your instractor will finally see you in a normal 8 people teaching group is very little. 

If you have experianced the same frustration, you can surf a little already and you learning moves, turns, or trying to get rid of bad old habbits, 
than my new Advanced Surfcoaching Programm is for you. 


• Teaching in 3 people groups (all in same level)
• Taking videos of your session (that we analise and highlight points in wich the most important for you to improve)
• Teach you the corresponding bodymovent on dry land through simulations
• Than taking videos again to mesure improvement and setting new goals. 

Corralejo, Fuerteventura

50 Euro / person/ session
A minimum of 3 session is to book and it runs with minimum 2 and maximum 3 people. 
(the price includes only the guiding and teaching, but does not include equipment. If you do not bring your own we will help you to find the best board to rent for your needs on the island)


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